Restaurant blanche

 So today after my last class I went to meet Gary at Solli plass in Oslo, first we went to this one restaurant where it was so much noise, and we got a table straight by the door. So first asked if there was possible to change table, but the waiter all of tables was booked. Do you guy’s belive that, if I said there was like over 10 tables? Anyway we ended of leaving, but I really want to go back – just to see if I missed anything.  I felt kinda bad for leaving.

I really wanted to go to Olivia at Majorstuen, because they have really good pizza. On the way we spotted a small and hidden jewel, brasserie blanche. They had what felt like a book of different wines and drinks. And to make it even better they had a Michelin 2017. I ordered the braised ox with horseradish and some sort of red wine sauce. The meat was so tender! Gary on the other hand ordered grilled entrecote with tomato, fries and sauce bernaise. If you’re in Oslo and want something fancy and to an alright price this restaurant is worth checking out, and book a table because it got crowded pretty quick.

Visit the website “here

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