La Baguette or M&M

Salad’s are some of the best sort’s of food for me, easy and usually not particularly heavy for the stomach. After school I still had about three hours to kill, and my weapon? Food, and some school stuff. So I went to a cafe called La Baguette inside Oslo central station. On the desk there were three sort’s of salad, a salmon, chicken and the last I can’t remember the name of. So I let my hand dive into grab the salad and some lemonade, I paid 185 kr for something that tasted like they preserved it from yesterday. But I eaten there before, and last time I had such a good baguette. So next time I’ll just stick to the baguette.

After that I went to a restaurant near my job called Mats and Martin, and everytime I order the caesar salad I am just like – yeah! It is just like any other classical caesar salad’s I’ve tasted, but a good one. I have ordered some pretty bad one’s throughout the time. I guess my point with this blogpost is that there is a BIG difference between a good and a bad salad.


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