Honestly I actually don’t remember the last Friday I just stayed at home, I was either supposed to go out with a few friend’s or to a party. It’s so weird that this moment is what my teenage me would have just dreamed of, having a bunch of options. Anyway just staying at home is much needed, my day tomorrow is kinda book and at  same with Sunday. Hopefully I can take some fun photo’s.

So today what happened is that I basically just woke up, hung out in bed, watched Rupaul’s drag race, took a few photo’s of Leo and chilled all out. When my boyfriend got home he asked if I wanted to go out for a walk with Leo, and I really wanted to snap a few photo’s today anyways.

Outside it was so cloudy, anyone who like’s to take photo’s bestfriend. After the walk we went to the supermarket with Kriss, got some food. And ate pizza from Domino’s to dinner. My super lazy day.

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