11 am, no alarm, the fog and cloudy day was about to start. A few vibration’s from my phone “NRK”… My nightmare’s was kinda still in my head but I was awake. I don’t know how many heartbeats or breath it took me to get out of the bed, but maybe around 120 heartbeat’s ? It’s not really an important question. After a while Kai asked if we wanted to stay for breakfast, of course. Around the breakfast table I was told to go to the emergency room by Solveig, the nurse of the family. And so I did, 1pm and I was home, my big toe did not break. 4.30pm I drove to work. There weren’t many of people in the restaurant, my last costumer was an opera singer. I love when I get to know the costumer’s. About 8.30pm I went back home -> dinner. That’s my day.


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