Lemeo Sushi

Lemeo sushi has kinda a small place in my heart, I think I was maybe around 10 year of age when I went there the first time with mom. I’m prett sure we ordered a 15 piece menu and springroll’s. My mom used to take me out on special occasions or sometimes in the weekend.  Anyway as I grew older I still have a ton of memories, but I have realized that this is just one of many places.


In this photo you can see five different types of sushi, but there are only two of them I want to recommend – the beef maki and the salmon maki. Two of the pieces in this bunch was tastefull, like it’s good but I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friend’s if they where out for a treat.  And one of them was just not good. But of course that just how my taste palette work’s.


Anyway something I haven’t eaten a bunch of is fresh springroll’s and the first time I tried it, and I love it so much! I really want to learn how to make this perfect treat for myself!

Another small detail is the soya cup, it’s big! And the chopstick’s it’s nice. Like some places have the worst chopstick. Of course I am going back and after a while I am sure i will have tried everything they have on the menu. If you are in Oslo and are looking for something to eat, stop by. Their location is currently Mandalls gate 10, 0190 Oslo.

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