Miss Sophie restaurant

19.20 “Hey, we booked a table for to, Hannah” I told the waiter, a grown man with brow beard and he pointed to the closes table, about 5 feet away. The whole restaurant was crowded and the atmosphere was filled with voices, footsteps, music and laughter. Most of the table had a bottle or two of wine on the side. The table next to us where to really chatty girls, over us a couple, behind us a big ringtable with the elder, to say it in one word numerous variation of people, haha.


For the starter I had gratinated oysters that quickly became bffs with all of my tastebuds. I had never tasted something like that and the oysters was so much better when it was gratinaded than raw. For a second starter I had  grilled ox tartar with sesame, mayo, kimchi- aioli and some grilled  kale, and the waiter said that they first grilled the ox a tad. It was so good  that I asked Nils if we could try to make it someday. Joachim ordered the carpaccio and he told me it was a hit. With the starter we also ordered a bottle of redwine.


For main Joachim had the Lammecarre, and I  the grilled entrecote with parmesan fries and bearnaise sauce, oh. There where so many flavors, but all of the ingridients danced together  . The only thing that had some of the wrong moves was the fries, as I am such a huge lover of fries They felt hard on the outside, dry on the inside and had gone slightly still.


As dessert I ate something simple an super expensive – ond scoop of ice for 135kr ( 13,5 pounds) and it was just like any other sorbet that I have tasted. But it was good and in that single moment with Joachim it was totally worth it. Joachim had something a bit more expressive – Goatcheese ice cream with a few garnishes.

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