Dog walking

It’s late autumn here in Norway, the leaves are changing color and the first signs of autumn seemd to be gone and she is taking her last breath. Every day she is changing her mood, she’s cheerful, resentful, wistful, heartbroken, mousy and about every other feeling. The only thing’s that seems to be consistent is the crisp air. All of the trees are some greedy beings and  saving the chlorophyll to next year, hens why we get such gorgeous colours. And day’s like this in the autumn is the perfect day yo walk with you’r dog, the fresh air always gives you a energy rush. Ahhhh, I love it.


When I look back at when I first started stepping outside with Leo, he was constantly pulling the leash. Omg! What a nightmare to walk with, but after time we gradually got better and started to be more more like the gentleman he is today. Here are some of the thing’s I always did:


  1. Have a short leash, if you’r dog drags and stop whenever he drags.
  2. Have a few treat’s  so you can reward you’r dog when he/she is being good.
  3. Try having a nice time, and take you’r time. There is nothing more annoying than having bad time, and stress on the walk.


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