Sushi for breakfast

Do you ever just wake up and think of all the types of food you crave? Well sometimes I do, and I just kept thinking of what I wanted for dinner. So many good dishes, trays of food or platter of euphoria. So I decided go get a good lunch/breakfast and ordered some sushi online. And ordered it to be around 12.30pm, but when I came there they said they hadn’t received any order….so I was kinda bummed…. But ordered three maki’s. I can’t lie and said I’ve had the best experience in the store, but the waiters are always really nice there so it kinda makes up for it.


Time: 45 minutes ( 30 minutes after ordering online and 10 minutes when I arrived there)

Maki: Rosa maki, spicy tofu and spicy salmon

Price: 235 kr.

Stars: 3/5

  1. Waste of money and time.
  2. Not impressed, the food and service wasn’t good.
  3. It’s okay, I might go back and I might not.
  4. Great food and service, I really want to eat here again.
  5. Best place, I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

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