11 hours later

7.15 am It’s dark outside, it was light when I walked out the door. 8.15am I took the tube, I felt uncomfortable because of my lipstick. I quickly swiped it of. 8.40 am The teacher talked for a few hours, and then he did. 1pm I met the girl’s, 5 girls. We found a room in the basement, chatted for 4 hours. We ate pizza. 5pm I went up stairs, back to class. 7.40pm I packed my purse. 7.50pm The bus came. 8.30 I met Joachim at the station. I gave him a hug, we held hands. 9pm I am home. In a few minutes I am of to the gym. Yey. I have to make dinner to, another yey. And after that, math. Another yey.


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