How to write the okayest blog?


I find writing more than a few sentences kinda difficult. I think it’s getting all of you’r thoughts down on a page, not rambling on an on about just a few random words. I don’t really know how many blog post I have read about this topic, but at least a 100 post’s or more. I don’t really care about nailing every single on, just make them kinda alright. I mean this blog is just another hobby. But there is honestly just one thing I think really makes a good blog, and that is write about whatever you want, write how long you want and just be honest.

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  1. Blog because it is fun, make it a hobby and just have fun with it. Even thought many people post more than one post a day, do it when you have time. Don’t pressure yourself to much.
  2. Have a neat and easy design. I just used a template, but if you are good with Html&css then go ahead.
  3. Write thing’s you genuinely care about, maybe you don’t want everybody to read it? Make a  post that is password protected. Nobody really need’s to just blog for the public eye.
  4. Try to not make alot of typos.
  5. Post’s: In a post it’s nice to find the balance between text and pictures. It really depends on what you are writing about.
  6. Try not to write to much when you are mad, it might hurt somebody.
  7. Rember if you don’t have a locked blog, that everybody can read/see it. So be careful about what you are posting :).

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