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I’ve read so many blogs today, in the time and need of¬†desperation I some extra tips and trick on blogging. I’ve lost my inner muse, where has she taken the way? And after reading all of these blogs, what is the conclusions?¬† 1) I want more clothing items (I’m so inspired to develop my style) 2) I need a better camera 3) I don’t know how to be a well spoken person 4) I need to teach myself to take more pictures and I’m pretty sure the list just continues across the universe. Everything is much more¬†professional now, design and texts. I’ve have a few ideas in my mind, nothing big or impressive.

Do you have any blogging ideas or tips?


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Current: A blog about nothing

As I don’t really like to spam facebook, instagram, snapvhat or anyother site. So I thought Why not blog? I don’t really care for vsco either, so here I am. It’s currently about 03.00 in the morning and I need to wake up in like 4 hours and be at school in 6 hours. I love to take picture’s of random things. I don’t know how much I’m going to write about my life and everything I do, but maybe a few post’s a week? I don’t really have any plans for this blog, how often I want to blog or how long I’m going to write about the nonsense of my life…

A few short ones about myself: I’m 20 years old. My name is Hannah. I like to take photographies. I live in a small dorm with my valentine. I kinda have two big old pups / fleabags. At home I’m the culinarian chef, sous chef and dishwasher help. I drink coffee or tea each morning. I’m training myself to be more me. I don’t have any planned plans for this summer, but I do have about ten of them that are not planned. Yeahhhh…..